Why Argus?

Argus Financial Management

Charlie Sawtelle is an Independent Investment Advisor serving families in Central and West Texas. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERô and a fiduciary for his clients.
At Argus Financial Management, our focus is on the long-term investing goals of ORP and TSA participants within Texas university systems.

Investment plans tailored to your family's individual retirement timeline and goals.

Honest, straight-forward investment advice.

Regular, personal contact with an independent advisor experienced in 403b regulations at Texas universities.

We never receive commissions. Our only income is from management fees, so our interests are aligned.
If you would like a complimentary meeting with Charlie to discuss your retirement accounts, please contact us.
Focusing on Your Family's Financial Future
Financial peace of mind depends on more than your retirement account.  We know that your children's education is an important part of your family's future.  Therefore, we will set up a college savings plan (529 plan) for each of your children and/or grandchildren as a supplement to your ongoing retirement savings account with Argus Financial.  529 plans are maintained free of charge.
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At Argus you have a relationship with the person making all decisions for your portfolio. We are a small firm and accountable for every investment decision.  No reps.  No call centers.
ORP and TSA Portfolio Management
 for Texas Families
Ph: (512) 436-9290